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Making Vaccines Available to Other Countries Before Offering Domestic Booster Vaccinations

Schaefer GO, Leland RJ, Emanuel EJ. JAMA, Sept 2021 Read the Full Article Here

The Ethics of COVD-19 Immunity-Based Licenses ("Immunity Passports")

Persad G & Emanuel E.  JAMA, May 6, 2020. Read the article

Fair Allocation of Scarce Medical Resources in the Time of Covid-19 (New England Journal of Medicine)

Emanuel EJ, Persad G, Upshur R, Thome B, Parker M, Glickman A, Zhang C, Boyle C, Smith M, Phillips JP. NEJM, March 2020.  Read this article. 

Next Phase in Effective Cost Control in Health Care

Glickman A, DiMagno SSP, Emanuel EJ. JAMA, March 2019. Read this article.

Effect of Financial Bonus Size, Loss Aversion, and Increased Social Pressure on Physician Pay-For-Performance: A Randomized Clinical Trial and Cohort Study

Navathe AS, Volpp KG, Caldarella KL, Bond A, Troxel AB, Zhu J, Matloubieh S, Lyon Z, Mishra A, Sacks L, Nelson C, Patel P, Shea J, Calcagno D, Vittore S, Sokol…

National Representativeness of Hospitals and Markets in Medicare's Mandatory Bundled Payment Program

Liao JM, Emanuel EJ, Polsky DE, Huang Q, Shah Y, Zhu J, Lyon ZM, Dykstra SE, Dinh CT, Counsins DS, Navathe AS.  Health Affairs, January 2019. Read this article.

Pricing a Year of Progression-Free Survival: When is the Cost of Cancer Drugs Unreasonable?

DiMagno SSP, Emanuel EJ. JAMA Dermatology, December 2018. Read this article.

Pitfalls and Potential in Medicare's Move Toward Outpatient Care Episodes

Navathe AS, Emanuel EJ, Liao JM. Annals of Internal Medicine, December 2018. Read this article.

Outcomes for Individuals Turned Down for Living Kidney Donation

Reese PP, Allen MB, Carney C, Leidy D, Levsky S, Pendse R, Mussell AS, Bermudez F, Keddem S, Thiessen C, Rodrigue JR, Emanuel EJ.  Clinical Transplantation, December 2018. Read this article.…

Aligning Patient and Physician Incentives

Navathe AS, Emanuel EJ, Volpp KG. JAMA, October 2018. Read this article. 

Association of Hospital Participation in a Medicare Bundled Payment Program with Volume and Case Mix of Lower Extremity Joint Replacement Episodes

Navathe AS, Liao JM, Dykstra SE, Wang E, Lyon ZM, Shah Y, Martinez J, Small DS, Werner RM, Dinh C, Ma X, Emanuel EJ.  JAMA, September 2018. Read this article. 

Brain Leaks and Consumer Neurotechnology

Ienca M, Haselager P, Emanuel EJ.  Nature Biotechnology, September 2018.  Read this article. 

The Status of End-of-Life Care in the United States: The Glass is Half Full

JAMA, July 2018. Read this article.

Redesigning Provider Payment: Opportunities and Challenges From the Hawaii Experience

Volpp KG, Navathe AS, Lee EO, Mugishii M, Troxel AB, Caldarella K, Hodlofski A, Bernheim S, Drye E, Yoshimoto J, Takata K, Stollar MB, Emanuel EJ. Healthcare (Amsterdam, Netherlands), September 2018.…

Physician Practice Variation Under Orthopedic Bundled Payment

Liao JM, Emanuel EJ, Whittington GL, Small DS, Troxel AB, Zhu J, Zhong W, Navathe AS.  American Journal of Managed Care, June 2018. Read this article.  ABSTRACT  Objectives: To describe the…

Comparison of Hospitals Participating in Medicare's Voluntary and Mandatory Orthopedic Bundle Programs

Navathe AS, Liao JM, Polsky D, Shah Y, Huang Q, Zhu J, Lyon ZM, Wang R, Rolnick J, Martinez JR, Emanuel EJ.  Health Affairs June 2018. Read this article. ABSTRACT We…

Incorporating Value Into Physician Payment and Patient Cost Sharing

Song Z, Navathe AS, Emanuel EJ, Volpp KG.  American Journal of Managed Care, March 2018.  Read this article.  ABSTRACT:  The United States is simultaneously moving toward value-based payments for populations and…

The Real Cost of the US Health Care System

JAMA, March 2018.  Read this article. 

Characteristics of Hospitals Earning Savings in the First Year of Mandatory Bundled Payment for Hip and Knee Surgery

Navathe AS, Liao JM, Shah Y, Lyon Z, Chatterjee P, Polsky D, Emanuel EJ.  JAMA, March 2018. Read this article. 

Does Medicine Overemphasize IQ?

Emanuel EJ, Gudbransen E.  JAMA, February 2018.  Read this article.  In this Viewpoint, Ezekiel Emanuel argues that emotional intelligence (EQ) is as important as IQ for the effective practice of medicine…