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Sep 5 '13

Hi, It's Your Doctor (The New York Times)

Jul 30 '13

Don't Give Up on Health Care Cost Control (The New York Times)

Jul 8 '13

Health Care Celebrates Milestone (Aspen Ideas Festival)

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Apr 17 '13

The Future of Biomedical Research

Mar 23 '13

A Plan To Fix Cancer Care

Mar 7 '13

Bitter Pill: Why Medical Bills are Killing Us (TIME Magazine)

Feb 20 '13

Reengineering US Health Care

Feb 14 '13

Health Care's Good News

Feb 11 '13

What Does a Hip Replacement Cost? The Transparency Imperative in 2013 Comment on “Availability of Consumer Prices From US Hospitals for a Common Surgical Procedure”

Feb 2 '13

We Can Be Healthy and Rich

Jan 14 '13

Health Insurers Raise Their Rates (MSNBC's Morning Joe)

Jan 3 '13

Better, if Not Cheaper, Care