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Mar 4 '15

Health Coverage for Millions at Stake as SCOTUS Hears New ACA Arguments (MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell Reports)

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Feb 5 '15

US Lagging in Measles Vaccinations (CNBC's Squawk Box)

Feb 3 '15

Medical Professionals Weigh In on Vaccination Debate (MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell Reports)

Feb 3 '15

Christie: Need 'measure of choice' (MSNBC's NOW with Alex Wagner)

Dec 11 '14

Too Much Radiation for Breast Cancer Patients? (MSNBC's Morning Joe)

Sep 24 '14

Quality of Life vs. Longevity (CNBC's Squawk Box)

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Sep 22 '14

Emanuel: Why I Would Like to Live Until 75 (MSNBC's Morning Joe)

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Sep 21 '14

Opting Out of Old Age? (ABC's This Week)

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Sep 17 '14

Ebola Outbreak a Danger to Health, Economy (MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell Reports)

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Sep 16 '14

President Obama Leads International Effort to Stop Ebola (MSNBC's NOW with Alex Wagner)

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Aug 22 '14

The Challenges of Treating Ebola Patients (MSNBC's Morning Joe)

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Mar 4 '14

What Obamacare is getting right (MSNBC's Morning Joe)

Feb 7 '14

Separating Health Care Fact from Fiction (MSNBC's NOW with Alex Wagner)