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Sep 6 '19

No One Likes Surprise Medical Bills. So Why Does Congressional Action Seem So Unlikely? (Washington Post)

Washington Post. September 2019. Read the article

Aug 2 '19

Democrats Are Having the Wrong Health Care Debate (New York Times)

Apr 23 '19

How the U.S. Surrendered to China on Scientific Research (The Wall Street Journal)

By Ezekiel Emanuel, Amy Gadsden, and Scott Moore

The Wall Street Journal, April 2019

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Apr 11 '19

Big Pharma’s Go-To Defense of Soaring Drug Prices Doesn’t Add Up (The Atlantic)

Apr 5 '19

America Has Already Had a Gay President (The Washington Post)

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The Washington Post, March 2019

Apr 5 '19

Republicans and Democrats Might Be Able to Make a Deal on Drug Pricing

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The Washington Post, November 2018.