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Sep 12 '19

Four Key Things You Should Know About Health Care (New York Times)

Apr 5 '19

The Big Secret About the Affordable Care Act: It's Working Just Fine (The Washington Post)

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The Washington Post, October 2018.

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Mar 8 '17

How Republicans Plan to Ration Health Care (The New York Times)

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Published on March 7, 2017 in the New York Times Opinions section.

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Jun 9 '16

The Secret Washington Battle Determining Drug Prices (Huffington Post)

Feb 16 '16

Why A Constitutional Originalist Would Reject the GOP's Delay, Delay, Delay Tactics (Washington Post)

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February 16, 2016 The Washington Post

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Sep 9 '15

The Solution to Drug Prices (The New York Times)

Jul 8 '15

The Coming Shock in Health-Care Cost Increases (The Wall Street Journal)

May 6 '15

How to Solve the E.R. Problem (The New York Times)

Jul 7 '13

Obama's Insurance Delay Won't Affect Many (The New York Times)

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The New York Times

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Feb 14 '13

Health Care's Good News

Feb 2 '13

We Can Be Healthy and Rich

Jun 28 '12

The Two Big Questions on Health Care

May 28 '12

In Medicine, Falling for Fake Innovation

Mar 23 '12

Could This Be the End of Health Care Reform?

Jan 30 '12

The End of Health Insurance Companies