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May 6 '20

How Health Insurers Can Be Heroes. Really (New York Times)

Read the Article. May 6th, 2020. New York Times.

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Mar 3 '20

How to Build Public Trust in the Face of Coronavirus (Washington Post)

Read the article. March 2, 2020. Washington Post. 

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Sep 12 '19

Four Key Things You Should Know About Health Care (New York Times)

Sep 6 '19

No One Likes Surprise Medical Bills. So Why Does Congressional Action Seem So Unlikely? (Washington Post)

Washington Post. September 2019. Read the article

Aug 2 '19

Democrats Are Having the Wrong Health Care Debate (New York Times)

Apr 11 '19

Bernie Sanders Thinks He Can Vanquish Health Insurers. He’s Wrong.

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The Atlantic, March 2019

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Apr 11 '19

Big Pharma’s Go-To Defense of Soaring Drug Prices Doesn’t Add Up (The Atlantic)

Apr 5 '19

Republicans and Democrats Might Be Able to Make a Deal on Drug Pricing

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The Washington Post, November 2018.

Apr 5 '19

The Trump Administration's Latest Plan to Lower Drug Prices is Hollow - And Maybe Counterproductive (The Washington Post)

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The Washington Post, October 2018.

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Mar 29 '19

We Can't Afford the Drugs That Could Cure Cancer (The Wall Street Journal)

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The Wall Street Journal, September 2018

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Mar 28 '19

All Children Should Have to Get the Flu Shot (The New York Times)

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By Ezekiel J. Emanuel and Justin Bernstein

The New York Times, March 2018

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Mar 28 '19

Are Hospitals Becoming Obsolete? (The New York Times)

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The New York Times, February 2018

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Jul 8 '15

The Coming Shock in Health-Care Cost Increases (The Wall Street Journal)

May 6 '15

How to Solve the E.R. Problem (The New York Times)

Sep 5 '13

Hi, It's Your Doctor (The New York Times)

Jul 30 '13

Don't Give Up on Health Care Cost Control (The New York Times)

Mar 23 '13

A Plan To Fix Cancer Care

Feb 14 '13

Health Care's Good News

Feb 2 '13

We Can Be Healthy and Rich

Jan 3 '13

Better, if Not Cheaper, Care