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Jun 30

COVID-19 Activity Risk Levels

With no clear direction from the federal government on how to handle the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s been hard to decide what’s safe and unsafe as states begin to open up. There's no right answer; you just need to know the risks and how much risk you're willing to take. That's why Professor Saskia Popescu, an infectious disease epidemiologist at the University of Arizona, Dr. James P. Phillips, MD, the Chief of Disaster Medicine at GWU Emergency Medicine, and I developed a COVID-19 Risk Index to help you do this, based on four key factors:

1) Enclosed space

2) Duration of interaction

3) Crowds

4) Forceful exhalation   

Again, we hope this Risk Index is helpful to you as you decide what you are comfortable doing as these activities become available. We created this as a public service, so please feel free to tweet, post, e-mail, and print and hang this on your refrigerator or around your workplace. You can download the infographic here

    • covid 19 risk infographic final2
    • covid 19 1 risk index
    • covid 19 2 low risk 1
    • covid 19 3 low medium risk
    • covid 19 4 medium risk
    • covid 19 5 medium high risk
    • covid 19 6 high risk
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Jun 15

A Deal to Save Medicaid, The Unemployed, and State Budgets (New York Times)

By Rahm Emanuel & Ezekiel Emanuel. Read the article. The New York Times. June 15, 2020

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May 14

Dr. Emanuel talks about the next twelve months on Reinventing Schools

May 7

The Ethics of COVD-19 Immunity-Based Licenses ("Immunity Passports")

Persad G & Emanuel E. 

JAMA, May 6, 2020.

Read the article

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May 6

How Health Insurers Can Be Heroes. Really (New York Times)

Read the Article. May 6th, 2020. New York Times.

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Apr 23

Here's How the NFL Can Still Have a 2020 Season (Washington Post)

Read the article. April 22, 2020. Washington Post. 

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Apr 9

Dr. Emanuel talks about Coronavirus concerns with Yahoo Finance

Watch the segment here. April 6, 2020. Yahoo Finance. 

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Apr 9

Dr. Emanuel talks about Coronavirus with Andrea Mitchell (MSNBC)

Watch the segment here. April 1, 2020. MSNBC. 

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Apr 9

Dr. Emanuel talks about Coronavirus on Squawk Box (CNBC)

Watch the segment here. March 26, 2020. CNBC

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Apr 9

Dr. Emanuel talks about Coronavirus with Andrea Mitchell (MSNBC)

Watch the segement here. March 24, 2020. MSNBC. 

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Mar 24

Fourteen Days. That's the Most Time We Have to Defeat Coronavirus. (New York Times)

Read the Article. March 24, 2020. New York Times. 

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Mar 24

Fair Allocation of Scarce Medical Resources in the Time of Covid-19 (New England Journal of Medicine)

Emanuel EJ, Persad G, Upshur R, Thome B, Parker M, Glickman A, Zhang C, Boyle C, Smith M, Phillips JP.

NEJM, March 2020. 

Read this article. 

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Mar 16

How the Coronavirus May Force Doctors to Decide Who Can Live and Who Dies (New York Times)

Read the article. March 12, 2020. New York Times

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Mar 3

How to Build Public Trust in the Face of Coronavirus (Washington Post)

Read the article. March 2, 2020. Washington Post. 

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Mar 3

Dr. Emanuel talks about Coronavirus on Radio Times (NPR)

Click here to listen to Dr. Emanuel speaking to Marty Moss-Coane on Coronavirus. March 3, 2020. 

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Jan 22

We Protected My Terminally-Ill Father From The System (The Atlantic)

Sep 12 '19

Four Key Things You Should Know About Health Care (New York Times)

Sep 6 '19

No One Likes Surprise Medical Bills. So Why Does Congressional Action Seem So Unlikely? (Washington Post)

Washington Post. September 2019. Read the article

Aug 2 '19

Democrats Are Having the Wrong Health Care Debate (New York Times)

Apr 11 '19

Bernie Sanders Thinks He Can Vanquish Health Insurers. He’s Wrong.

Read the article.

The Atlantic, March 2019

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